Valentine’s Day according to Banksy

Valentine’s day. Banksy makes a new appearance in Bristol with a new mural. A message of love or the umpteenth polemical emblem? The striking piece was found in the Barton Hill area this Thursday.

Little girl Cupid breaks a heart of red flowers

The mural portraits a stenciled image of a young girl firing a slingshot of spray-painted red flowers. The image actually shares significant similarities with other works by the mysterious artist. In particular, his little girl Cupid immediately recalls the world-famed Girl with Balloon, which appeared in London in 2002. In any case, it is probably a romantic-sentimental symbol and falls perfectly for the Lovers’ Day.

Valentine's Day according to Banksy. The artist makes a new appearance in Bristol with a new mural.

The mural was discovered in the area just to the east of the city center and the railway station of Bristol Temple Meads. Even if the artwork recalled immediately residents and press attention, a certain hesitancy aroused about the work’s attribution. A doubt that found resolution through Banksy’s Instagram account. 

More precisely, the artist shared a post with a picture of the work on his official Instagram page at midnight on Valentine’s Day. Banksy got his digital audience used to read commentaries on his latest works. Unlike other times, no description was provided for this eye-catching artwork. Banksy (for now) leaves us free to imagine the purpose beyond his latest creation. However, the critical intent is no cryptic and even without any explanation, he conveys some polemical aim within the mural.

Banksy Street Art

Banksy’s latest work prior to this mural was his festive artwork in Birmingham. Actually, Banksy launched on his social networks, during December, two works dedicated to these holidays. The artists announced the first through a video posted on Instagram. A homeless man is lying on a bench, which – thanks to Banksy’s murals nearby – turns into a sleigh of Santa Claus.

Banksy'work for valentine's day appears in Bristol

A few days after the sled bench (the mural was covered with glass to protect it from vandalism), Banksy presented another Christmas-themed work. This time we are in Bethlehem, in the Walled Off Hotel. Opened by Banksy himself, the hotel overlooks the wall that separates Israel and the Gaza Strip. The message is entrusted to a traditional nativity scene. However, it is set in front of a damaged wall and hit by a bullet. This, draws a cross right above the head of Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus.

Despite his international success, the city of Bristol continues to be the largest exhibition space for Banksy’s works. Jobs in Bristol include Mild Mild WestWell Hung LoverThe Girl with the Pierced Eardrum and the Grim Reaper in M Shed. 

Banksy, who seems to be in the midst of his creative moment, with surprise works that periodically appear in public places in England and beyond, also continues to be represented in many exhibitions around the world.

In any case, given the coincidence with the feast of lovers, for many, this latest creation is a gift of Valentine’s Day for his fellow citizens.

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