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  • Asuka Nirasawa

    A mix of the modern, traditional and pop culture worlds in vivid, eccentric and infinite colors.

  • Salifou Lindou

    Born in 1965, Salifou Lindou lives and works in Douala. Art is no stranger to this member of the Kapsiki circle. The masks and statues he sees among the craftsmen and in the Palace museum with his parents have been part of his daily life since he was a child in Foumban, his native town, called a "city of the arts" by many.

  • Gérald Chukwuma

    Gerald Chukwuma (b. 1973) is one of Nigeria’s fastest rising contemporary artists noted for his intricately crafted wood-slate sculptures. Using a multitude of techniques, his unique approach to burning, chiseling, and painting common materials captures a richly layered history imbedded with personal and political meaning.

  • Nnenna Okore

    Born in Australia and raised in Nigeria, Nnenna Okore has received international acclaim for her richly textured abstract sculptures and installations. Known for their environmental ties, her breathtaking works explore the fragility and ephemerality of terrestrial existence.

  • Boris Nzebo

    Born in 1979 in Port-Gentil, Gabon. He began by painting hairdressers' fronts and then left to devote himself exclusively to art, through an original approach: he explores hairdressing in the urban space. He sees in it the signs of social rank, of the expression of a thought, of cultural belonging.

  • Francisco Sepulveda

    An exuberant, mysterious and magical artist. The multifaceted work of Sepulveda is a fusion of his Latin-American, Native American and European roots blended with his incessant trips and exposure to different cultures, creating a unique and fascinating universe.

  • Ma Desheng

    Painter, engraver, calligrapher, performer, poet ... Ma Desheng is above all a free man and an artist whose work reflects a furious desire to live. He is one of the founding members of the Xingxing group ("Les Etoiles"), the first post-Maoist dissident artistic movement in China, which he left definitively in 1985.

  • David Mach

    “I don’t make work out of bronze I’m doing it with this unlikely, naff material because coat hangers are something you don’t give a second thought to. It’s getting to another audience. You’re not talking to the guy who loves art; you’re trying to reach people who would rather set you on fire and chuck you in the river than pay attention to what you do.”

  • Hom Nguyen

    Once a patent maker for fine luxury leather shoes, Hom Nguyen quickly turned his talents to fine art. His natural instinct for the arts helped him perfect his craft. His portraits are like mirrors for the audience, each one asking us, the question who we are versus who we pretend to be. A meteorite among artists his creations are a reflection of life and the human spirit.

  • Mikhail Turovsky

    Searching tirelessly at the limits of the unexplored, between pure abstraction and realism, with his landscapes, still lifes and even his nudes, Turovsky opens up a new domain in the history of art in which all his work is underpinned by the relationship between the temporal and the timeless, very much a part of his oeuvre.

  • Robert Combas

    Widely recognized as a godfather of the figuration libre, Robert Combas art is deeply rooted in depictions of the human body. These figures are often seen in wild, orgiastic settings. He creates a hectic narrative. Highlighting the ravages of war, crime, sex, and various phases that make up the constant changes in life.

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