Discover and collect artworks by renowned and emerging artists we love.

  • C.J. Pyle

    Pyle's work is resolutely imaginative. Since he was a child he developed a unique visual approach "knotted" mark-making with ballpoint pen upon found paper elements. With pen, Pyle creates a dense metallic finish that blows essence into his acute figures. The artist has displayed his works in galleries and institutions throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan.

  • Asuka Nirasawa

    A multimedia and pop creative process leads this young artist to go beyond what’s expected. In her search for complementary chromatic colors she aims for luminosity, while being inspired by nature’s microscopic and anatomic shapes that follow a precise pattern. She focuses meticulously on details and chooses a vibrant palette to convey strong energy.

  • Gérald Chukwuma

    Gerald Chukwuma is one of Nigeria’s fastest rising contemporary artists noted for his intricately crafted wood-slate sculptures. Using a multitude of techniques, his unique approach to burning, chiseling, and painting common materials captures a richly layered history embedded with personal and political meaning.

  • Nnenna Okore

    The natural world seems to be the true heart of her inspiration. Her representations remind of the planet’s flora and appear to encapsulate time and space. The artist celebrates nature at its primordial stage and represents its fragility to inspire human awareness, ranging gracefully from sculpture to painting.

  • Francisco Sepulveda

    An exuberant, mysterious and magical artist. The multifaceted work of Sepulveda is a fusion of his Latin-American, Native American and European roots blended with his incessant trips and exposure to different cultures, creating a unique and fascinating universe.

  • Hom Nguyen

    Hom’s work primarily revolves around the creation of portraits. The application of the material or the vivacity of the gesture amplifies his vision of the human being beyond appearances. The portraits capture and transcend the depth of feelings. They are a representation of the complexity of the emotions that we face every day.

  • Mikhail Turovsky

    Searching tirelessly at the limits of the unexplored, between pure abstraction and realism, with his landscapes, still lifes and even his nudes, Turovsky opens up a new domain in the history of art in which all his work is underpinned by the relationship between the temporal and the timeless, very much a part of his oeuvre.

  • Robert Combas

    Widely recognized as a godfather of the figuration libre, Robert Combas art is deeply rooted in depictions of the human body. These figures are often seen in wild, orgiastic settings. He creates a hectic narrative. Highlighting the ravages of war, crime, sex, and various phases that make up the constant changes in life.

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