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  • Matthew Shlian

    Suspended between art and science, Matthew Shlian connects the pure abstraction with the tactile and visual worlds, guided by wonder, in the continued pursuit of forms and discovery. His kinetic sculptural forms are inspired by organic material and iterative patterns, each piece mapped out digitally, and then folded and assembled by hand. The artist's impulses cross the purely aesthetic limits and become a tool to analyze and understand the structures at the base of the world.

  • Gonçalo Mabunda

    His sculptures are born from objects of destruction; weapons and arms from the past wars, now come back to life to bring a transformative message. While denouncing the absurdity of war, these sculptures convey a positive reflection on the transformative power of art and the resilience and creativity of African civilian societies. Mabunda highlights the tragedy of modern history while opening a new chapter of beauty and hope.

  • Sokari Douglas Camp

    African and Western cultures meet here. The two realities merge into a harmonious but outlined whole. In her art, the echo of Kalabari rituals is strong but unified beautifully with other cultural belongings. This artist's path is remarkable, and her works that highlight socio-political and environmental issues continue to result exuberant and mysterious, daring and aware.

  • Ghizlane Sahli

    She uses her interdisciplinary knowledge, ranging from architecture to embroidery, to create art pieces from plastic bottles and silk. Her inspiration comes from coral reefs, the human body, and hives. In her artworks, the perfect shapes of nature, the scheme behind each entity, meet a sense of integration. Sahli explores material transformation, exults it, and gives meaning to an artistic universe that is able at the same time to manifest a profound inner meaning.

  • Richard Texier

    Widely regarded as one of the most influential contemporary artists, Texier’s work shows a keen interest in the history of astronomy which largely inspired the creation of his own personal cosmography. His vision explores the imaginary and the celebration of nature blends with the theme of hybridization in multimedia creations that approach the magical dimension of existence. As the French artist himself says, art is for him “a means of magical thinking”

  • Xavier Mascaró

    His works transport us to distant realities through a primordial and universal aesthetic. Fascinated by the iconography of ancient culture, Mascarò uses archaic figures to express the contradictions within the human soul. In his work, there is the echo of Pre-Columbian art history. Characterized by an encounter between material, form, and the psychology of the artist, his art uses heads, masks, boats, human and animal figures as symbolic representations.

  • Arman

    delivers a powerful and chilling rejection of modernization and the culture of mass consumption. He developed an aesthetic based on the act of destruction, his pieces commemorate the obliteration objects in various ways. During his career, Arman had over 600 solo shows and his work can be seen in over 90 museums worldwide.

  • Martí Moreno

    The abstraction suggested by bodies and faces that are about to disappear confers a certain magical aura to the eyes of the spectator. Interaction with the spectator through the grandiosity of the artist’s works is constant. Manuel Martí Moreno shows us that personal, ethereal, world full of archetypes.

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