Ruffle Jonkonnu


Mild steel and acrylic paint

264 × 124 × 124 cm

One of a kind steel sculpture by Sokari Douglas Camp inspired by Jonkonnu festival.

In Jamaica in the late 1830s, the Jonkonnu festival developed during the period of slavery.  Plantation workers celebrated the few days holiday allowed each year with exuberant musical masquerades that recalled their African heritage.

During these revels, the slaves would disguise themselves in costumes that borrowed from and parodied western archetypes.  Admirals, sailors, queens, plantation-owners, actors, etc., Each had a dramatic headdress, while mingling with these figures were wild men, nature-spirits, demons etc., whose roots lay deeper in ancestral African traditions.

With this new work, Sokari Douglas Camp pays homage to the indomitable ‘carnival spirit’ still surviving despite all adversity.


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