Florence Biennale 2019, celebrating Leonardo Da Vinci

An incredible appointment with art. The twelfth edition of Florence Biennale is taking place at Padiglione Spadolini. Until October 27th pieces of contemporary artists and designers will be displayed in the suggestive frame of Fortezza da Basso.

This year the international exhibition takes inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci’s genius. It will be the 500th anniversary of the death of the great Italian artist and inventor. 

Florence Biennale 2019, Ars et Ingenium

Because of the multiform soul of Leonardo’s artworks, the theme for this year reflects Da Vinci’s ability to overcome the border between art and intelligence, Ars et Ingenium.

florence biennale leonardo da vinci

Even if is considered one of the most talented painters of all time, Da Vinci devoted himself to diverse disciplines. Everything concerning human nature fascinated him. Inspiration could come from art, but more often from the observation of what surrounded him.

He studied comparative anatomy, botany, the laws of physics, geology, cosmology, and more. His curiosity spaced in the field of the unknown. It’s his primal intuition to combine art with scientific research that Florence Biennale wants to celebrate.

If he could break the distinction between artes mechanicae and artes liberales, contemporary artists have the duty to keep exploring this approach.

At the Florence Biennale the challenge this year is not easy. The multidisciplinarity of art has to pursue harmony as an aesthetic value. Just like Leonardo used to do.

The curator Melanie Zefferino suggests a reflection on how knowledge and creativity are linked. These two elements are the foundations of every artistic language. 

Florence Biennale and the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award

In spite of the passing of time, this year Florence Biennale passes Da Vinci’s heritage to contemporary artists. How will they interpret his vision in their artworks?

The international exhibition counts this year 747 exhibitors of which 484 artists and 263 designers. Coming from 78 different countries, they bring on the scene innovative art. 

Joanna Hoffmann, special guest of the exhibition, displays a project that combines scientific research, art, and technology. She offers a multisense experience in a space that includes virtual reality. Guided by a “Vitruvian woman”, the visitor explores an imaginary labyrinth.

In addition, the whole calendar is plenty of interesting events. Among these, the projection of L’Architecte Textile by Mika’Ela Fisher and the workshop History of jewels/Archivio Bulgari by Paolo Torriti. 

The American artist Anthony Howe will receive the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award. Howe caught the world’s attention with his dynamic artworks. Using wind and nature at his favor, Howe’s creations become living, transforming entities. His sculptures astounded the audience at the 2017 Academy Awards, as well as at Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

On the occasion of the Florence Biennale, the American artist presents a new project, never displayed in Italy. 

Among the most intriguing installations, there is Gustavo Aceves’s one. He’ll receive the Lorenzo il Magnifico Career Award. His horses show a perfect knowledge of anatomy, and his experimentations remind of Leonardo’s creative approach.

The interpretation of nature and the use of science for artistic purposes give the artist a powerful creative expression. That’s what this year Florence Biennale is about. That’s why artists from all over the world continue to be inspired by Da Vinci’s vision.

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