The awakening of culture: also the Tate Gallery reopens

The Tate Gallery reopens. In addition to the permanent collections, visitors will accede to Andy Warhol’s exhibition (until November 15) Aubrey Beardsley and Naum Gabo.

A symbol of the revival: the Tate Gallery reopens

July 27 is the date decided for the reopening of the Tate Modern Gallery, a symbol of the revival of London’s cultural life. In 2019, the Tate Gallery in London and Liverpool were the second most visited attraction in Great Britain, with a total of 6.1 million accesses.

A symbol of the revival: the Tate Gallery reopens. visitors will accede to Andy Warhol's exhibition

For visitors, in addition to the permanent collections, there will be the exhibitions of Andy Warhol (until November 15) Aubrey Beardsley and Naum Gabo. “We are very anxious but also excited at the idea of ​​reopening. Above all, we prepared ourselves with great prudence. We learned from the experiences of other galleries and museums around the world. From Luxembourg to Japan via Singapore, to get the different perspectivesFrances Morris, director of the gallery, said. In particular, visitors will be advised to wear masks and protective screens have been set up at the entrance doors.

The entrances will be staggered according to the arrival time to facilitate the process. Several exhibition routes have been set up to avoid gatherings. Also there will be a more frequent cleaning policy to sanitize the museum spaces.

Warhol’s largest retrospective at the Tate Modern

London’s Tate Modern dedicates the largest retrospective in over 20 years to one of the most iconic and influential figures of 20th-century art: Andy Warhol. The exhibition will be on view until November 15, 2020.

Around 1960 the artist began to create the first paintings that refer to comics and advertising images of the society of the time. Dick Tracy, Popeye, Superman but also the first bottles of Coca Cola appear in his youthful works. In 1962 he began to use also the screen printing technique. He turned his attention to the reproduction of common images, industrial production objects, representations of reality transmitted by advertising and the mass media.

In a few years, Warhol became one of the main interpreters of American Pop Art, positioning himself at the center of the socio-cultural scene of New York. A brilliant and multifaceted artist who managed to transform the most varied images and aspects of American culture.

The exhibition is the result of Tate’s collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. In particular, it develops through an exhibition path that covers the artist’s entire career. With a particular focus on aspects and works rarely displayed in public and never in the UK. On display, over 80 works. In particular, these include drawings, sketches, screen prints, collages, and prints, from public and private collections scattered all over the world.

The exhibition at Tate Modern takes a new look at the extraordinary life and work of Andy Warhol. It is a proper acknowledgment of the most important representative of American Pop Art. In fact, no artist has been able to embody the contradictions of the United States in the sixties like him.

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