The best Virtual Art exhibitions to see in May

Virtual Art is keeping the audience engaged in times of isolation! Above all, there is an entirely new way to approach art based on immersive viewing technology. As often happens, growth is found in adversity. Many projects are now in fact being launched. Among these, there are some of the most intriguing virtual tours to experience in May!

Virtual art to see in May

Galleries and museums had to face an uncountable amount of limitations. That’s because the precautions applied to stop the coronavirus spread pushed all the major cultural institutions to develop digitized experiences to offer the audience. This fact will surely impact the art market and the art fruition even when lockdowns and social restrictions will be behind us. Next month, in particular, seems to reserve a whole new set of artistic experiences in digital form!

Picasso and Paper, Royal Academy of Arts

Picasso and Papers, Royal Academy of Arts

The show “Picasso and Paper” was one of the most expected events of the year, certainly, the exhibition that better retraced Picasso’s interest in the paper not just as a medium to develop a more elaborate art. In particular, the greatest Spanish artist used paper as a creative vehicle. It was the main tool for impressing a nascent idea. As the exhibition shows, Picasso thinks in fact of the paper as a rehearsal room.

Even if the exhibit is not open to the public, a 40 minutes virtual tour is available on the Royal Academy of Arts Website.

Andy Warhol, Tate Modern

Andy Warhol, Tate Modern. Virtual art to see in May
Andy Warhol, Double Elvis, 1963

The Tate Modern was meant to inaugurate this year a retrospective of a notable artist, probably the greatest of his times: Andy Warhol! In particular, the Tate collected a huge selection from unseen work to the most iconic pop-art images to Marilyn Monroe, to the Ladies and Gentlemen series.

Tate Modern has released an online tour of the long-awaited exhibition, available to access via the gallery website.

British Surrealism, Dulwich Picture Gallery

Virtual art to see in May. British Surrealism, Dulwich Picture Gallery
Marion Adnams, L’infante égarée, 1944

This unique exhibition of the Dulwich Picture Gallery collects the works of over 40 renowned artists, from Lucian Freud to Leonora Carrington, Francis Bacon, and Paul Nash.

This is certainly a showcase of spectacular sculptures, prints, paintings, etchings, and photography from 1783 to 1952. The exhibition audioguide is online on the gallery website.

Frida Kahlo

Virtual art to see in May. Frida Kahlo exibition
Frida KahlorMexico, Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird 1940

A new exhibition on Frida Kahlo retraces the work and the legacy of the iconic Mexican artist. Above all, the show is based on the exchanges and the combined forces of 33 museums around the world.

Viewers can surely delve deeper into her life through personal letters and virtual tours around the places she lived and worked.

Zhuang Hong Yi, Nova

Virtual art to see in May. Zhuang Hong Yi, Nova
Zhuang Hong Yi, Untitled 2019

Contemporary artist Zhuang Hong Yi’s latest exhibition goes under the name of “Nova”. Surely eccentric and unpredictable, the artist uses his lush, layered “flowerbed” paintings. In particular, Zhuang Hong Yi transforms countless pieces of painted rice paper into tiny blossoms.

Zhuang Hong Yi’ Nova is now accessible via HOFA’s virtual online platform.

TRATE, Technicolour Malaise

TRATE, Technicolour Malaise
Trate, Death’s dream Kingdom

The Canadian figurative painter TRATE has recently decided to present his works online. In particular, his upcoming solo exhibition is now available via virtual tours live from his studio. Technicolour Malaise, TRATE’s third solo exhibition will now be accessible via 360° images onsite.

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