MakerArt 2020: a new frontier

MakerArt, the section dedicated to the dialogue between art and new technologies of Maker Faire Rome, comes back from  10 to 13 December 2020. Here a long list of artists, and their projects will be online to see.

A new participatory experience

MakerArt is not so much a migration of artistic content already existing on the platform but a real design of the whole. The specific works are conceived, created, proposed, observed, and experienced according to physical and virtual logic.

MakerArt, the section dedicated to the dialogue between art and new technologies of Maker Faire Rome, comes back from  10 to 13 December 2020.

The event director is Valentino Catricalà. In particular, he invited creators and international artists to imagine a synergistic path to develop a new participatory experience.

“MakerArt is the only section of the fair that will also maintain a physical nature, thanks to the many collaborations. Here artists, intellectuals, scientists, and creatives interact to generate new visions of the future. Being present in this particular historical moment is, above all, a way to demonstrate that art and technology can help us. This, especially to reflect on a complex era like the one we are living in “

More than 40 artists created works specifically for MakerArt 2020. Many artists worldwide, including Juan Cortes, Ken Goldberg, Claudia Hart, MASBEDO, Miltos Manetas, Donato Piccolo, Signe Pierce, Quayola, Celine Tricart, Anouk Wipprecht Jakob Kudsk Steensen.

Online performance and augmented reality

MakerArt involves Antoni Abad, Elena Bellantoni, and Rä di Martino. In fact, these will be able to offer the public a representation of their artistic concepts by exploiting the potential of Augmented Reality.

It will be possible to experience the virtual reality projects in 3D / 360 / and those with VR viewers. Alessandro Bernard, Francesco Bertelè, Jörg Courtial, Antonello Faretta, Igor Imhoff, Keisuke Itoh, Jacek Nagłowski, and Patryk Jordanowicz, Chiara Passa, Michel Reilhac, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Lino Strangis, Celine Tricart, Vanessa Vozzo are the makers of these great projects.

There is also space for online performances by Apotropia, MASBEDO, Donato Piccolo, Roberto Pugliese. The works are designed ad hoc for the platform by Gaia De Megni, Claudia Hart, Steve Lambert. In this section, we will literally immerse ourselves in visual and sensory experiences.

What does it mean to make art for MarkerArt? We still don’t know a precise answer, on the other hand, we know what it takes to make it happen. Among other things, the ability to dialogue. For example, the conversation with technology, a decidedly new area of ​​knowledge.

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