How the Art world is responding to Coronavirus

Coronavirus is impacting the world in a variety of different ways. Like any other sector, the art world has also been profoundly affected by the current situation. Coronavirus postpones many important cultural and artistic events all over the world. However, art always finds a way to settle, even in a crisis of this magnitude.

European Art Institutions offering virtual tours

Among the various events postponed there was Art Cologne. The international art fair has in fact been postponed to next November. Like Art Cologne, other relevant events and important institutions have temporarily closed their doors. An act of indispensable civil responsibility, which however does not smooth the centrality of artistic value at all.

To align with these new needs, many institutions offer free virtual tours.

From Louvres to MoMa

In England, the British Museum offers a rich online database divided by themes and eras. A fascinating journey to discover the history that holds every work. In particular, the museum boasts around eight million objects. Of these, about half are virtually accessible.

prado museum 200th anniversary

On the occasion of the closures due to the coronavirus emergency, the Prado Museum in Madrid has also decided to implement its virtual presence. Many works by various artists will in fact be accessible via the official Prado website. Specifically, the works are presented in a multi-level timeline. Furthermore, the voice of the director Miguel Falomis accompanies the story of the masterpieces of the Prado.

The Louvre offers a 360-degree view of the museum’s exhibition rooms. In addition, the tour allows accessing virtually the galleries, as well as the square and the external facade of the museum. The famous glass pyramid is also part of the virtual tour.

European Art Institutions offering virtual tours

Thanks to the Google Art Project, MoMa has digitized most of its artworks. Today it is possible to admire the works of the museum just as if it were a multimedia gallery. The algorithms developed by Google have made it possible to examine and label not only the works of art but also the photographs and digital works exhibited in the New York gallery. An incredible barrier-free vehicle that allows exploring the 60 best museums in the world also through Street View.

The answer of Italian museums

Italy, particularly affected by the infection, has taken drastic precautionary measures to stem the risks. The response of the Italian museums was not long in coming. From the site of the Egyptian Museum of Turin it is possible to visit the renovated rooms. In addition, the director of the institution, Christian Greco, conducts video tours on Facebook to tell the objects of the prestigious collection.

The answer of Italian museums to coronavirus

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice also offers a series of virtual presentations on various social networks. From computer and mobile it is possible to access the masterpieces kept in Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. In addition, there are contents on the life of the famous founder of the collection.

Finally, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence offers Ipervisioni: high definition images of the masterpieces of the exhibitions.

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