Exterior design and outdoor sculptures

The design has become an incisive part in defining the personality of a home. That includes gardens and exterior spaces. Nowadays, Art and design are braided together. Many experts consider outdoor sculptures to be fundamental when creating outstanding and refined environments.

Art and exterior design

The outdoor space allows for more significant contact with nature and extents our experience of a place. Beautifying also means having not only what is necessary but being able to have it with a touch of extra flair that can make the difference.

Exterior design and outdoor sculptures
Angel Bear by Richard Texier

In this specific sector, Art and functionality can find a joint synergy. Outdoor sculptures must be chosen based on the style of the outdoor space. That’s essential to obtain a harmonious result on an aesthetic level. It is crucial to convey with clarity the idea that is the source of our inspiration.

Placing a sculpture in the garden can also help enhance the beauty of a particular spot.

Origen by Martì Moreno

In fact, there are outdoor sculptures with classical canons and others that present a more futuristic aspect or abstract forms. Moreover, the different materials give different shades of chiaroscuro and a different ornamental effect.

Concepts of design: Outdoor Sculptures

Since garden sculptures offer a great variety of shapes, subjects, and materials, it is obvious that there are different possibilities of combination.

Not just marble, stone, or terracotta. The sculptures for the exteriors can also be in bronze, a material that recalls an ancient charm, of which traces remain in the history books.

Concepts of design: Outdoor Sculptures
Le grand discobole by ARMAN

Of course, a good designer will opt for artworks that integrate harmoniously in the environment, adding beauty to it without creating unbalanced visuals effects. Each space has its proper personality and characteristics. In fact, a sculpture can have a powerful aesthetic impact. Still, all the recent tendencies in design for exteriors confirm the potential of this type of artwork to enhance the suggestion of a space.

A sculpture can define the essence of a space. Since the artist works 3-dimensionally, creative imagination can run free from any limitation. 

In recent years the concept of outdoor design has continuously developed. Finally, an artwork meant for these kinds of environments should always be stimulating, somehow inspiring. If we want a garden with an inexhaustible and mysterious charm, then choosing an abstract-inspired statue will be the right choice.

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